There are six spectator races during WOC 2019 12thto 17thof August. The race with most historical significance will be the one in Fredrikstad on Thursday Aug 15th, where you chase controls in and around Kongsten Fortress. 

– The race is held on the WOC competitor’s day off. We reckon to see a few thousands crossing the finish line at the foot of Kongsten Fortress, race director Oddvar Olaussen says.

Old fortress city

Fredrikstad Skiklubb oversees the fourth of the six spectator races. They offer coastal near terrain and Northern Europe’s best-preserved fortress city as surroundings for people of all ages to compete in. The event centre right next to the open-air pool centre at Kongsten, suitable for families and within walking distance from the parking area. Race classes range from age groups 10-85 with a total of 67 different courses between 2k and 6k. There are several nature reserves close to the competition area. 

-The courses will not cross sanctuary areas, course planner Per Olaussen says. 

Remaining spectator races

The spectator races kick off with a sprint in Kulåsparken, Sarpsborg on the opening day of Monday August 12th. On Tuesday Knatterudfjellet, north of Sarpsborg, will stage the second spectator race. The rest of the races will be in connection with the WOC final at Mørk, Spydeberg. The spectator long-distance race will be at Mørk as well. Based on previous experience from WOC hopes are set on at least 3000 participants for each spectator race.


Directly to the spectator race invitation here.

Enter the competitions through Eventor here.

Information on accommodations organised by WOC and transportation on the WOC 2019 website.

Go to Visit Østfold’s info page for all other accommodation offers, which you’ll find here.

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