No less than 88 WOC medals have been won by runners representing one of the clubs from Østfold. We will present all of them in the build-up to WOC 2019. Number 20 is Heidi Østlid Bagstevold.


Name: Heidi Østlid Bagstevold

Age: 32

Civil status/children: Cohabitant with child

Residency: Fredrikstad, Norway

Clubs represented: Kongsberg OL, Bækkelagets SK & Fredrikstad SK

WOC-medals: Relay gold 2013, relay silver 2015 & silver on the middle-distance in 2016.

WOC participations: Every year from 2011 to 2016, six participations.

Other merits: 2x Norwegian Champion, 5th place WOC long 2011, 9th place WOC sprint 2013.

Heidi Bagstevold1

What do you do today?

I’m currently home on maternity leave from my teaching job at Frederik II High School in Fredrikstad.

Best WOC memory?

There are a lot of great memories, but to succeed as well as I did in Strömstad probably sticks out. As it also was my last WOC it was very special to win a medal in an individual race.

Worst WOC Memory?

Failing to qualify for the final on the middle-distance during my first WOC.

What is WOC to you?

The expectations, the atmosphere, the spectators, the nerves…

Funniest WOC banquet memory?

All the dancing…

Can you tell us a bit about how your relationship with the sport has evolved since the beginning?

Ever since I started in early childhood it has been a big part of my life. I’ve get to know a lot of nice people and had tremendous fun. As a committed elite runner I’ve learned about ups and downs and since it’s such a great family sport I will be around in the future for sure as well.

What have you learned from committing to orienteering that’ll come in handy later?

To plan and be structured at work and in studies.

How hard did you commit to become as successful as possible, and could you have achieved more?

I feel I put in the right amount of energy and resources in accordance to still having fun with my sport.

How is your current status of shape?

I’d love to stay in top shape, but I know how much work that’ll be needed for that, so my main priority will be to get in OK shape after childbirth.

Have you found anything after your career that has given you as much as orienteering?

I’m freshly retired, so I’m still enjoying living a normal ordinary life for now.

What is your view on Østfold hosting WOC 2019, and will you be present?

It’ll be fun hosting a such big event in Østfold. Hopefully it will lift orienteering both locally and nationally. I will be present!

What does it take to become a world champion in Østfold 2019?

The one who seizes the moment will win…

What do you recommend WOC visitors to experience in Østfold?

The beautiful archipelago

What do you like best about Østfold?

The summer


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