-I will maybe come to Østfold in 2019 either as a spectator or as a coach, the terrain is fantastic!


The words belong to the 23 times world champion, 10 times EOC winner and nine overall victories in the World Cup, Simone Niggli of Switzerland.
The 39 year old had her last year as an athlete on an absolute top level in 2013. During her visit to Østfold this weekend she was an assisting coach for the Swiss Euromeeting team.

-Great competitions with good courses and challenging terrain, was Nigglis verdict when she spoke to WOC 2019.

-It’s been good to to get more experience with what to expect in 2019. We’ve matched the development team in Euromeeting, and the runners have gathered experience in regards to what they have to work harder on, Niggli said.

-Do the Swiss runners master the Østfold terrain?

-They cope well with all types of terrain. But also the best runners need to train specifically for this terrain. It’s challenging both physically and technically, so even the regular national team runners will gather here to train.

Simone Niggli lives in Switzerland with her husband and three children. When we in a facetious manner ask if she is making a comeback for WOC 2019, she smiles and replies:

-Maybe I’ll come back here as a spectator or as a coach. The terrain is fantastic!

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