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Awarded international prize Awarded international prize 2017-12-15 - Tove Alexandersson and Thierry Gueorgiou have been awarded orienteering achievements of the year for 2017. One of them will be a gold medal contender in Østfold 2019.
GPS Analysis Column: Småleneløpet 2017 GPS Analysis Column: Småleneløpet 2017 2017-12-11 - In the third edition of WOC2019's GPS Analysis Column World of O's Jan Kocbach takes a look at the GPS-tracking from Småleneløpet - a long distance race organized in April 2017 in very WOC relevant terrain north of Mysen. Again a must read... More detail
A WOC that benefits the people A WOC that benefits the people 2017-12-04 - In 2019, the world leading control chasers will gather to fight out for titles in Østfold. The event will be held with athletes from more than 50 nations, but the fun is not reserved exclusively for the elite runners. Schoolchildren will also be led... More detail