Guro (25), Henrik Julian (12) and Stein (83) are looking forward to take part as volunteers during WOC 2019 next summer.


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In order to create the best WOC of all times the organisers will need around 600 volunteers throughout the 6 event days from the 12th to the 17th of August next year. Many have already signed up, but we need many more. We met three who’d like to contribute during WOC. Guro Kolstad from Indre Østfold, Henrik Julian Aarbu from Varteig and Stein Koren from Moss.

-I’m open for a lot of different tasks, as long as I get to play a part in creating a good World Championship event, Guro says. She recently resigned as the leader of the Youth Committee in NOF (Norwegian Orienteering Federation). She participated as a runner for several years from the age of 12, but considers herself more eager on the organisatoric part of the sport nowadays. The Silva co-worker already is a part of the WOC organisation’s project “Finn fram” (“Find your way”), aimed particularly towards tutoring the local schools in orienteering and creating school maps.

Henrik Julian is an eager and skilful young runner, who wants to both run and help out during WOC.

-I want to run in the spectator races, but at the same time help out organising the WOC events. The twelve year old thinks that it’s amazing that we already have come this far more than a year from the event, bearing in mind all the things the organisers have to consider and all the people that will be needed. – That we have come this far already is fantastic.

The 83-year old retired civil engineer Stein Koren had his last work assignment as late as last autumn, and still participates in orienteering races on a regular basis.

-I started my orienteering career 45 years ago, as my oldest son needed someone to drive him to the races. You could say I started in the driver’s class, Koren says with a smile. My organising experience is mainly connected to the arenas and the finish area, and adds that he would like do jobs in these areas. -I think it will be a good WOC, Stein Koren says.

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