The Norwegian Orienteering Federation is very pleased with the news that the government is proposing to grant the World Orienteering Championships 2019 2 million NOK on the next years government budget, says Astrid Waaler Kaas, president of the Norwegian Orienteering Federation.


A grant like this is highly important if we’re going to reach our goal of creating the best WOC ever, Waaler Kaas says.

The WOC-chairman, Sigmund Vister, is also pleased with today’s news – and he agrees with Waaler Kaas in that this proposal will keep the dream of best WOC ever alive:

- Yes, our goal is to create the best WOC ever, says the chairman.

- And it’s very good news that we are granted money in the government budget even if it’s less than we applied for.

In addition to the 2 million NOK in state support the chairman and WOC organisation can enjoy an additional 1,3 million NOK in a grant earmarked new maps for the WOC competitions and the spectator races.

- WOC2019 is based on volunteerism and we need at least 600 volunteers next year. In a sport with minimal media coverage a grant like this is a boost for the volunteers and necessity if we are going to create the best WOC ever.

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