No need to wait! Registration of entries for the spectator races during WOC 2019 is opened. The entries have also been opened for the WOC2019-camping and the “School Hotel”. WOC 2019 takes place from 12th-17thof August.

The WOC organisation has put in a lot of effort to create the WOC of a lifetime in Østfold and Norway in late summer. Now you can book your race entries for any of the six spectator races and/or your accommodation on our O-camp or in our “School Hotel”. 

– Make your way to WOC 2019 and create some of your best summer memories here in Østfold. See the world’s leading stars battle out for the medals at the same time as you take on the WOC terrain yourself. The starting hours for the spectator races will be well adapted to the WOC races, so you get to be ringside as the fight for the titles happens.   Excitement and fun guaranteed. All the WOC finals can be viewed on the big screen, a rich variety of food to choose from or just enjoy yourselves in the shopping- or activity areas. The children can enjoy Kid’s courses, maze-O, punching courses and child care services. We hope to see you, WOC Ambassadors Mari Fasting and Petter Thoresen say. 

High demand

There is a lot of interest concerning WOC already. Several clubs and people have already booked their accommodation. For that reason, we work hard to help all clubs cover their needs. With help from Visit Østfold and the municipalities in the area we will keep on doing so. One possibility is for clubs to stay on a school of their own.  

- Our ambition is to match everyone’s criteria’s in the search for accommodation. Many clubs have booked club cabins, spaces at camping sites, booked hotel rooms or found other accommodation solutions in the area. We know for a fact that many clubs seek alternative options to the official ones, and we try our best to provide information for all opportunities, coordinator for the spectator races Finn Henry Lillestrand says.


The WOC2019 camping is located at Sarpsborg Stadium, normally used for Norwegian top-flight football. Here you’ll find spaces for caravans and caravan cars.

There will be a “School Hotel” as well. Both options benefit from chartered coaches transporting you to the arenas. 

Visit Østfold (more info below) has launched a designated site providing more information for clubs and people interested in orienteering. Just about any accommodation possibility in Østfold is covered here. 

Early Bird-entries

Discounted Early Bird fees for anyone entering by 15thof April. Runners entering the competitions from outside of the Norwegian clubs need to make the payment as part of the booking process. 

Entry deadline is 29thof July.

Late entry deadline is 8thof August. 

Entries can still be made at the arena on competition day, for Open Direct courses and N-åpen (Beginner’s Open).

Six spectator races

Spectator races are held each day between 12thand 17thof August, a total of six races held as separate entities. (See the invitation for more info) Parking fees and/or shuttle buses from car park to the arena are included for the races that you have entered. 

An overview of the week

The WOC week commences with a spectator sprint followed by the Opening Ceremony on Aug 12thin Kulåsparken, Sarpsborg.  

Tuesday the 13ththe world elite and the spectators run at Knatterudfjellet, just north of Sarpsborg.  

The rest of the races are from Mørk Golf Course in Spydeberg, except for the spectator race in Fredrikstad on Thursday the 15th. This day the WOC contestants rest.  



Organiser’s website:

Spectator race invitation you’ll find here.

Enter the competitions here.

You’ll find information about the O-camp, “School Hotel” and transportation at the WOC2019 website.

Visit Østfold’s online info page, where you can read more about accommodation and places to visit, you’ll find here.

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